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Overview » The server-side OpenSpace Extension

Starting from version 2, OpenSpace features a dedicated SmartFoxServer' server-side Java extension which is responsible of a number of tasks in the OpenSpace workflow. In fact the OpenSpace Extension is in charge of loading and caching map files created with the OpenSpace Editor, load map items inventories, send maps and inventories to the clients, receive map changes from users and store them, calculate avatar paths and send them to the clients, etc.

Also, the OpenSpace Extension provides a number of utility methods which make it easier to control avatars from the server-side, or place Non-Player Characters inside the virtual environments and make them move around.

The OpenSpace Extension must be declared as a Zone-level extension in the SmartFoxServer configuration. Since the application which makes use of OpenSpace probably requires its own server-side logic (for example to handle the users' login process and other features external to OpenSpace itself), it is a common scenario that developers need to extend the OpenSpace Extension (sorry for the pun) itself, to add such logic or take advantage of the utility methods mentioned above.

For more informations read the Extending the OpenSpace Extension manual in the Support section.