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Overview » Users interacting with the map

OpenSpace features an advanced events triggering system which allows a number of events to be dispatched in accordance to the user actions and avatar movements on the map.

When editing the skin and tile instance properties inside the OpenSpace Editor, the following triggers can be associated:

  • skins and walkable tiles → mouse click/roll over/roll out
  • walkable tiles only → avatar start/stop moving and avatar enter/leave tile

Also, custom parameters can be associated to the triggers, so that the appropriate action can be performed when the releated event is fired by OpenSpace, giving full control over the tiles behavior and user interaction with the map. For example, when an avatar steps on a tile in front of a building's door, we can make that door open automatically and enable the mouse click on it. If the user clicks it, we can make him/her join a new map, or make a confirm alert appear, or make anything else happen.

Additionally, OpenSpace allows players controlling their avatars using both the mouse and the keyboard*. Both controllers can be used at the same time; both can be deactivated permanently or even temporarily to inhibit user interaction while "something" happens (for example a sensor tile could trigger the avatar being sentautomatically to a given place on the map: inhibiting the user interaction make sure that the avatar reaches that place).

Last but not least, a number of API methods allow developers accessing all the tiles on the map or specific display objects, offering full control over the map content.

* The keyboard controller is optimized to avoid sending unnecessary request to the server.